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Dr. Sam Likes Good Food
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By Dr. Sam (Samuel B. Lackey, Jr. D.D.)
April 7, 2018
Over the many years of my involvement in entertainment. I have had the great pleasure of tasting and enjoying cuisine prepared by many wonderful chefs here in Philadelphia and as well as other National, and International eateries.
Last year circa June 2017 my friend Jeff Brown informed of a restaurant that I did not know about. He could not remember the name of the establishment. He said the food was excellent. I asked Jeff about the restaurant's name and location. He said it was in his neighborhood near Broad and Olney streets.
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A few days later Jeff gave me a menu for the restaurant called Julian's Soul Food. Jeff spoke so favorably of the food that I was convinced that I should seek it out and so I did.
I was preparing for a kick-off event at home for my "Give Them Their Flowers Now Movement Concept" and I had to decide on the food I would serve.
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One evening prior to the event I visited the restaurant located 1320 W. Olney Ave. I met Julian the restaurant owner. We conversed for a short time and I waited for my order of 10 pieces of Fried Whiting. I love Fried Whiting. After a short wait I was presented a take-out container of Beautiful Golden Brown Hot Fish (Fried Whiting). With speed I left the restaurant with an eagerness to get home and taste the delicacy I had just purchased.
Dear reader I now take time to say Thank You God, Thank You Jeff Brown, and Thank You Julian. I was extremely delighted with my purchase. Since then I frequently visit Julians Soul Food Restaurant to get my Fried Whiting. When I come through the doors the cordial and astute staff at Julians is able to accurately predict my order before I say anything.
You must know by now that I love Julians Fried Whiting., but let me tell you this: Julians Soul food Restaurant has a large menu of Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner Items that I have not sampled yet. While waiting for my food I have overheard the comments of many customers expressing their delight in the food served by Julians Soul Food Restaurant located at: 1320 W. Olney Avenue, Philadelphia, PA 19141. Telephone: 215-927-2224
Thank You for Reading,
Dr. Sam