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  Give Them Their Flowers Now The Movement
By Samuel B. Lackey, Jr. 
Traditionally, many of us show love and appreciation with ceremonies embellished with flowers, often relating to holidays and special events. Just think of how nice it can it be, if as living and loving people, we would actively engage ourselves in daily giving and receiving our flowers while we are able to see, touch, and smell them.
Flowers in Action Show Beauty, Kindness, Appreciation, Love, and More
When I refer to flowers, I am not only referring to the beautiful botanical wonders of the earth. I am also referring to the wonderful loving acts of kindness and appreciation that we have the ability to daily bestow upon each other. Anyone and everyone can participate in this initiative. I believe "Give Them Their Flowers Now" can bring a positive transformation to our planet, as each of us, in our own way, embrace and empower this concept into a great movement.
Use Your Personal and/or Group Power
Are you asking yourself: what do I do or how can I play a supportive role? I would suggest that you simply do something nice for another person. Give them a flower, a smile, a meal, make them the recipients of your kindness, and appreciation. Use your creative power and invent your own ways to "Give Them Their Flowers Now." 
 EXAMPLE. I hosted a small event at home. My guests were greeted and seated, upon arrival. We viewed and discussed a video that I had prepared based on past experiences as a musician and veteran entertainer. I shared a song or two with my guests. I served them a meal, and later presented each with a flower symbolizing my intentions to "Give Them Their Flowers Now." As each person departed, I thanked him or her for attending. You may choose to do the same thing, do something more elaborate, or perhaps do something more modest. It is completely up to you. 
 Grow the Movement
YOU ARE POWERFUL. Please apply your personal powers to encourage and persuade others to engage in similar "Give Them Their Flowers Now" actions. By teaching others to duplicate your efforts thus ,YOU WILL GROW THIS MOVEMENT EXPONENTIALLY If you are a social media user please send a link to this website to all your Facebook and other social media friends. This could produce MEGA GROWTH RESULTS.
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